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16.2.2020, Sunday. PI WARS TRAINING 2020 (Written by: Zara and Daniya) Today we trained for the challenge called Zombie Apocalypse. There will be targets/zombies that you have to shoot. The zombies will be in a building. There are 4 stories including ground. There will also be points for shooting the zombies. the higher the level, the higher the score of points. For ground, there will be 20 points for hitting one zombie. 1st floor will be 35 points, 2nd floor 40 points and 3rd floor 60 points. The main objective is to shoot as many zombies within the range of approximately 1 m-1.5 m. We will also be using our own fire mechanism to shoot the gun. You will have to control the gun using a controller, where the right joystick will be used to move the robot from left to right, whereas the left controller is to aim the gun up and down. The circular buttons on the right (circle, triangle, square and x) will be used to help the bullets to be shot. the "x" button will be used to sh

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